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Hotkeys and Tips


  • CMD+1: for artboard overview
  • CMD+2: zoom to selected artboard

Move/Sizing/Gap (when object selected):

  • ARROW to move. SHIFT+ARROW to move 10px
  • CMD+ARROW to adjust size. SHIFT+CMD+ARROW to adjust in 10px step.
  • Hold ALT/OPTION key to show distance to others. If mouse over another object you can see the gap to that mouse over object.


  • R: create rectangle. Use rectangle for hr.
  • S: create a slice. Click on the object to create an exact slice.


  • CMD+G: create group
  • `CMD+select*: click through a group to select an object.


  • You can use math 10+2 in the inspector for width, heigth, etc
  • CTRL+C: pick color
  • Copy style: CMD+OPTION+C

How to create your own hotkey in Sketch?

  • Go to "keyboard" in system preference
  • Choose "App Shortcuts" in sidebar
  • Click "+"
  • Select Sketch in "application"
  • Type the exact text as appeared in Sketch in "menu title"

    • Don't forget root menu
    • Use "->"
    • Don't use any space
  • Assign hotkey

For example, I create a hotkey ^i (Ctrl+i) for inserting images, and here is the "menu title":


Credits to this post Shortcuts, Hotkeys, and Gestures: 5 Ways to Become a Design Ferrari in Sketch.


  • Use union/substract to create shape.
  • You can use shape to mask images
  • You can fill with image
  • Enter edit mode: hit ENTER


  • Create symbol from a layout
  • Replace with symbol: You can right click a layout to choose replace with symbol.
  • Override symbol: on the inspect pane



Craft Plugin

  • duplicate
  • pictures
  • create style guide and automatically update your project if you update one in the style guide

Other Helpful Tools

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