Editor: Vim

Do this chanllege: https://www.shortcutfoo.com/app/dojos/vim

Cheatsheet (that I don't know)

My bad habit (mostly motion):

  • use 3j or 3k instead of hitting jjjj or kkkk
  • Edit at the first of the line: 0i -> I
  • Move to first non whitespace char: 0w -> ^
  • Navigation in current screen: H/M/L first/middle/last
  • Scroll current line to top of window: zt
  • t and f is different: t is to before the character where f includes the character. That's why when you copy to quote you should use vf' instead of vt' (this will miss the last character before ')

Good to use:

  • Good to navigate based on error message:
    • Go to line number 12: 12G
    • Go to column 20: 20l
  • Go to previous location: `` (two backticks)
  • Use bookmark: ma (mark with a) then `a (go to a)

Good to know:

  • Swap case: ~ (can do it in normal mode)
  • move screen: CTRL+e or CTRL+y
  • :x is same as :wq


  • %
  • gu gU
  • * n N

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